Passionate and compassionate

I met Cosmin in 2009 during the Real Estate Market Crash. It was a very difficult time for me as I realized I could no longer afford my home and

I was upside down with my mortgage payment as it related to the current market. I was discouraged and wanted to give up and walk away. Cosmin convinced me this would be a mistake and assured he could sell my home.

Well he did but not without a challenge to my already compromised state of mind. Once a buyer was secured they backed out 2 weeks before the closing. I had already moved out and secured a new residence. I was devistated and wanted to give up and walk away again. Cosmin wouldn’t let me. He assured me once again that he could get my house sold. Of course that is just what happened. He was so patient when I became impatient. He was calm when I was emotional . He was reasurring everytime an obstacle was presented. The most important important factor that was so important is that he always did things the way I wanted. He is the best Realtor I know and a kind caring soul. That did it for me. He found a property for me in 2013 and I just closed on a new propery in May 2015. I don’t even think of calling anyone else. He’s on my speed dial and I look foward to my next purchase with him.

— Michele G., West Bloomfield MI